Optimum WiFi Hotspots

Connect on the go at over 1.5 million Optimum WiFi hotspots.

From the train platform to the treadmill, Optimum hotspots get you online wherever you are.

It’s as easy as…

  1. Creating your Optimum ID here
  2. Finding hotspots near you here
  3. Watching this video on how to find an Optimum WiFi Hotspot

Getting Started and Auto Sign-in

Just one and you’re done.

Sign in once at any Optimum WiFi Hotspot when you’re out and about and you’ll be able to connect automatically whenever you enter a hotspot, without needing to enter your Optimum ID and password. It’s like having a hotspot almost anywhere you go. Find out how to keep your devices connected at optimum.net/wifi

The number of devices you can register for Automatic Sign-in depends on your level of internet service.

  1. Optimum 10         Register up to 3 devices
  2. Optimum 60         Register up to 10 devices
  3. Optimum 100       Register up to 15 devices
  4. Optimum 200       Register up to 15 devices
  5. Optimum 300       Register up to 15 devices

WiFi Hotspot Finder App

Sniff out a WiFi connection when you’re away from home.

Track down Optimum WiFi hotspots in our expanding network of over 1.5 million with the Optimum WiFi Finder App for Android and iOS devices.

Don’t have an Apple device? You can search the Optimum hotspot map at optimum.net/wifi

Optimum Help

We're here to help you.

You can visit optimum.net/support to watch tutorials, find answers to frequently asked questions, and to download user guides.