WiFi Access at Home

Stay wirelessly untethered in any room in the house.

Optimum Online connects you to social networking, online shopping and thousands of cat videos.

It’s as easy as…

  1. Watching a video about setting up your Smart Router here
  2. Finding out how to connect your mobile devices here
  3. Managing your Smart Router settings here


User-friendly with quick, easy settings so you can connect in a snap.

Our modems and routers are simple to connect and set up. Our system is so advanced that some problems can actually fix themselves. And if they can’t, our team of expert service reps can assist in fixing any problems you’re having.

Easy to manage

No technology expertise necessary.

Your Optimum Smart Router lets you share your internet access with multiple computers and mobile devices. Before you know it, everyone will be connecting their devices, playing games and communicating with each other from any room in the house.

To manage your router settings or to learn more visit router.optimum.net


Default security settings that help protect the minute you go online.

Securing your router is easy, since it comes automatically set up for you and important because it helps prevent unauthorized use of your network. The last thing you want is someone using and slowing down your connection. Learn more by watching a video about wireless security at Optimum.net or on Channel 900.


Take fast, reliable internet service with you almost anywhere you go.

Want to upload a picture to Facebook at the mall? Check your online auction bid while sweating on the elliptical? Internet access is available nearly anywhere when you connect at over 1.5 million local Optimum WiFi hotspots, with more being added every day. Tune to Channel 910 to learn more about staying connected when out and about.

Optimum Help

We're here to help you.

You can visit optimum.net/support to watch tutorials, find answers to frequently asked questions, and to download user guides.