Moving Can Be Hard

Optimum helps you get settled into your new place smoothly.

Quickly reconnect to all your services.

It’ as easy as…

  1. Signing in with your Optimum ID and Password here (It’s the same Optimum ID you’ve always had).
  2. Setting up automatic bill pay for your new account here
  3. Order your new Optimum Rewards card here

Optimum ID

You’ve moved and your ID did too.

Your Optimum ID is your key to everything Optimum, so if you had Optimum at your previous place, not to worry, it will be the same at your new home. You’ll continue to take advantage of everything Optimum has to offer, including getting free WiFi access at our expanding network of over 1.5 million Optimum WiFi hotspots, using the Optimum App, checking email and voicemail and much more.

If you forgot your Optimum ID, or if you want to create new ones, you can do so here


Choose the way you want to pay.

To make sure that you maintain your preferred billing method, visit That’s where you can set up automatic payments and enroll for paperless billing for your new account. You can also check out all the easy and convenient ways to pay your bill — online, by mail, by phone or at an Optimum Store.

Once you receive your first bill, a personalized video to help explain your charges will be available at or on Optimum Ch. 900.

Optimum Rewards

More reasons to get out and explore the new neighborhood.

If you have all three Optimum services, you’re eligible for Optimum Rewards. Once you’ve moved, all you need to do is order your new card. Then you’ll get all the deals and discounts you’ve come to love on Broadway shows, concerts, recreational activities and more. And you’ll have chances to win great prizes from your favorite shows and networks.

To find out how to sign up for a new Optimum Rewards card click here

Optimum Help

We're here to help you.

You can visit to watch tutorials, find answers to frequently asked questions, and to download user guides.