Voicemail & Calling Features

Optimum keeps you in touch at home and on the go.

It’s everything you need to take your phone service to the next level.

It’s as easy as…

  1. Dialing *86 from your home phone to set up voice-mail
  2. Checking messages anytime online here
  3. Learning all about your calling features here

Calling Features

Over 20 tools to make calling more efficient.

All your phone features available in one place, including Call Forwarding, Back-Up Phone and Vip Ringing.

See all the calling features

Setting up and accessing voicemail

Never miss a message, at home or on the road.

Simply dial *86 from your home phone to set up your voicemail. Then you can retrieve your messages from any phone or on the web at voice.optimum.net

Caller ID on Optimum TV

Optimum Voice brings you caller info while you watch your favorite programs.

Your TV is great for showing sports, news and movies, but now there’s something else to see onscreen: the name and number of who’s calling. Caller ID on Optimum TV lets you decide whether you want to answer or let your voicemail pick it up. Don’t worry, you can return their call after the show is over. They’ll understand.

Optimum Help

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You can visit optimum.net/support to watch tutorials, find answers to frequently asked questions, and to download user guides.