Channel Blocking & Purchase PIN

Optimum lets you take control of who sees what.

Parental controls keep young eyes from mature material.

It’s as easy as…

  1. Learning how to set up your PIN here
  2. Pressing SETTINGS twice on your remote
  3. Setting your personal preferences and resting easy

Set up your PIN

Not every show is for everybody.

Some programming is (extra) special (unusual). That’s why there’s a purchase Pin. It keeps you from having any surprises on your bill.

To use parental controls, you need to create a personal identification number (Pin) on each digital cable box in your home.

  1. Press Settings to access the Quick Settings menu.
  2. Highlight “Parental Controls.”
  3. Select “Go to Settings”
  4. Highlight “Set Pin.”
  5. Enter and re-enter your new four-digit Pin. To change your Pin, select “Modify Pin.”
  6. Remember to follow these steps on each one of your digital cable boxes.

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Channel Blocking

Parental controls make it easy for you to take it easy.

You can relax, knowing that mature programming is off-limits to anyone who shouldn’t be seeing it.

To prevent young viewers from accessing inappropriate programming, Optimum lets you block channels, titles or programs based on ratings. You can also limit Pay Per View access and prevent adult titles from appearing in the program guide.

  1. Press Settings twice.
  2. Select “Parental Controls”.
  3. Set your personal preferences.

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Set up your purchase PIN

Avoid surprise charges on your bill.

Simple setup makes ordering easy.

Your purchase Pin is a number you create that unlocks many of the Pay Per View and On Demand choices Optimum TV offers. Follow these steps to change the temporary purchase Pin set up during installation (3333). Remember that you’ll need to do this for each digital cable box in your home.

  1. Press Settings twice
  2. Highlight “Purchasing”, then press Sel
  3. Highlight “Set Pin”, then press Sel.
  4. Enter a new Pin and then re-enter it for confirmation.
  5. Press Exit.

Get information on setting up your Purchase Pin

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